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Girls 4 Greatness

Feb 27, 2019

I am thrilled to be bringing you this powerful interview with the one and only Natalie Burrage. Natalie is a transformational facilitator and healer that has a special gift in teaching people how to create lives and businesses that they love. Natalie is passionate about supporting people who are ready to end the struggle and are ready to have success on their own terms.

Natalie and I chat about her struggle to improve her self-worth, as well as how she worked to end feeling like she was not enough. You will hear first hand how Natalie came to own a yoga studio of her own for more than 6 years and how she came to create such programs as the Love Your Body Yoga Program, Create The Life Of Your Dreams Academy, the Soul Speak Academy and the Body, Bliss and Sexy Money program.

Natalie is a testament as to the power of looking within yourself to heal yourself. She is a wonderful example of what can occur when we focus on our ways of being instead of solely focusing on what we want to do.

Natalie can be found on Facebook at, on Instagram under @natalie_burrage, and on YouTube at  You can also check out her website, for all the latest on what Natalie is up to.  For info on the informational training, Natalie and I referenced, please be sure to head over to