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Girls 4 Greatness

Jul 15, 2020

In this episode I am coming at you with my final solocast of season 2 of the Girls 4 Greatness podcast. I wanted to end this season with a bit of a recap and to also take the opportunity to thank all of  you for listening in week after week. 


Today I chat about some highlights that have taken place over the last year...

Jul 8, 2020

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I have the honor of interviewing Lori Koors, a Dietician Technician, health coach, and weight management specialist. Lori helps her clients to regain their health AND their power through not only good nutrition, but through mindset work and stress management. 



Jul 1, 2020

Calling all of you who are parents or parents to be to take a few minutes to listen in to this powerful episode with Stephanie Castro. In this episode Stephanie shares how she has found her voice through parenting and how she is now using that voice to empower others who are embarking on their own...