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Girls 4 Greatness

Oct 16, 2019

This week’s interview is sure to leave you feeling empowered to stand in the authenticity of who you really and truly are. If you have been struggling to stand in your truth and to own the story that is uniquely yours then this interview is exactly what you need to listen to! 

I have the honor of talking with Kristie Dean this week. Kristie is a wife, mother of 3, a professional photographer, certified holistic health coach AND founder of The Soul Project. Kristie believes wholeheartedly that she was placed on this earth to use her own gifts and passions for storytelling, connection imagery, and community building to support the emotional wellness and growth of all women! Whether by creating soulful imagery to support female-led brands in her business or providing a platform for women to share their stories on her ongoing documentary, The Soul Project, Kristie is all about helping women to find power and connection through being vulnerable. 

I invite you to listen in as we chat all about The Soul Project but also about what it has personally taken for Kristie to get to where she is today. We also talk about the whole idea of vulnerability and how empowering it can be to look at it as something to embrace rather than something to shy away from. 

I also encourage you all to read more about Kristie’s Soul Project at There you can check out soul stories, upcoming soulful U events, seasonal Soulful Service projects and even sign up to be featured as a soul story ambassador! You can also find Kristie on Facebook and Instagram under @thesoulprojectsstories.