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Girls 4 Greatness

Aug 1, 2018

Please listen in as today’s guest, Cheryl Williams, shares her inspiring story of triumph over incredible struggle. She explains how she survived and worked through the incredible trauma of childhood sexual abuse by a family member.

Cheryl is a true testament to not letting the past define who you are today. She has done the hard work of making herself healthy on the inside and the outside. Cheryl is now a successful entrepreneur and author of her book, Stolen Innocence.

In her book, Cheryl describes what she endured as a child and how she overcame it. Her book has been an inspiration to many and through it, she has raised a lot of awareness around the issue of child sexual abuse.

Cheryl is also a sought-after speaker on the topic. You can connect with Cheryl through her Facebook page, Stolen Innocence; Let the Healing Begin.