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Girls 4 Greatness

Dec 14, 2022

My friends, this week I am welcoming the amazing Kelli Moore to the Girls 4 Greatness podcast. Kelli is joining me today to not only share her amazing journey to  becoming the powerful influencer she is today, but to also discuss how we can improve our lives and our relationships by choosing to pause in the moment. 

Kelli worked for years in the male dominated sports television industry, only to deal with 15 years of chronic illness and finally reach her breaking point. Today Kelli is the CEO and Co-founder of Soulfire Productions and the Co-Host of the top rated relationships podcast, OK, Babe. 

Today Kelli pours her heart and soul into helping women set themselves free from expectations and the stories that hold them hostage in their own lives. Kelli asks us all to seek deeper within and become the version of ourselves we’ve kept buried for so long. 

If you are ready to be challenged to think outside the box and finally see yourself clearly then stick around and tune in. Kelli is here today to have a radically honest conversation to empower all of us to start showing up more authentically. 

Know that you can find and connect with Kelli over on Instagram under @kellitmoore and also @soulfireprodctionsco.  You can also listen in to Kelli’s podcast OK, Babe by heading to You can also find out more about Kelli by checking out her website,