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Girls 4 Greatness

Jul 1, 2020

Calling all of you who are parents or parents to be to take a few minutes to listen in to this powerful episode with Stephanie Castro. In this episode Stephanie shares how she has found her voice through parenting and how she is now using that voice to empower others who are embarking on their own parenting journey.


Stephanie is a registered nurse who works in labor and delivery at a high-risk hospital in Los Angeles county. Stephanie is also a registered doula and a certified prenatal yoga instructor. She is super passionate about preparing couples for the beautiful moments revolving around their child’s birth as well as the changes in lifestyle that parenthood can bring. 


Stephanie is a parent herself, and she knows first hand what it is like to have to navigate finding yourself again in the midst of motherhood. She also knows what it is like to feel the pressure to parent a certain way, and we discuss how important it is to stand in our own authentic way of parenting. Stephanie and I talk about how, just like in many other areas of life, there is not one right way of doing things. 


Please be sure to head to to read Stephanie’s blog and to find info on how you can connect with Stephanie. You can also find, follow and connect with Stephanie on Instagram under @bumps2babiesrn and on Facebook as well by heading to