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Girls 4 Greatness

Jan 19, 2022

This week’s episode of the Girls 4 Greatness podcast features another heartfelt, inspiring Real Life. Real Talk. conversation with a former guest, Lauren Ammon. 

Lauren first appeared in episode #119, an episode entitled, Examining The Value Of Your Work.  Now Lauren is back to share her insights on how important it...

Jan 5, 2022

I invite you all to listen in today to the first solocast episode of season 4 and the first episode of 2022. 

In this week’s episode you will hear from yours truly about what I am choosing to focus on in the new year. I also throw some inspiring words your way to hopefully encourage you to embrace this new year in a...

Dec 15, 2021

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I am introducing the first Real Life. Real Talk. Episode of Season 4. I invite you to listen to this beautiful conversation with another powerful human being and friend, Yiema John.

Yiema first appeared on episode #47, an interview entitled Living A Life Of Wholeness.  Since...

Dec 1, 2021

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast my guest and I are discussing the importance of acknowledging the soul seed that lies within each one of us. 

Randy Rutledge is the founder of Singletree Media and The Online Adjunct. Randy is a lecturer in Health Informatics, Clinical Decision Support and Telemedicine at...

Nov 17, 2021

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I am talking with another powerhouse influencer, Nicole Jansen.  

Nicole has been empowering entrepreneurs for over 30 years, and her vast expertise in business leadership and human behavior has uniquely equipped her to bring out the best in others.  Nicole is the founder of...