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Girls 4 Greatness

Jan 30, 2019

I am so very excited to bring you this powerful interview with a true warrior and inspiration, Heather Hakes. Heather is an author, lifestyle coach and host of the podcast, Mind Over Matter.

Heather is embracing the life she is living in every way possible.  She is not only taking on her own challenges and pushing herself out of her own comfort zones, but she is inspiring others to do the same as well. Heather is on a mission to leave an impact in this world by helping others to bust out of their own comfort zones and “let their fear fuel them instead of rule them!” Heather is also the author of the book, Take the Leap, where she outlines how she quit her corporate career and found her own version of happy.

Heather and I talk all about comfort zones, fear, what it takes to push past them, and how important it is to check in regularly with our own level of fulfillment. I have no doubt that this is going to fill your inspiration tank!

Also, be sure to connect with Heather over on Instagram under @Heather.Hakes, or on Youtube under Heather Hakes. You can also find out all about what Heather is up to on her website,  Also, please be sure to check out Heather’s own inspiring podcast, Mind Over Matter, over on iTunes.