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Girls 4 Greatness

Oct 21, 2020

I am thrilled to be coming at you this week with another inspiring interview with another truly amazing warrior, Kate T. Parker.  

Kate is a mother, wife, Ironman, professional photographer, and a New York Times Bestselling author.  Kate is a photographer who shoots both personal and commercial work for her clients. Her well known book, Strong Is The New Pretty, led to collaborations with brands such as Disney, Athleta, Kellogg’s and NBC. She has also launched a philanthropic arm of Strong Is The New Pretty, partnering with organizations like Girls On The Run, Girl Up, The Arthur Blank Family Foundation, Disney, Glam 4 Good, and The Bully Project. 

Kate has also written a Strong Is The New Pretty Guided Journal as well as a book centered on the strength and spirit of boyhood entitled,The Heart Of A Boy.  And, Kate’s latest book, Play Like A Girl, is all about lessons learned on and off the soccer field. 

I invite you to listen in as Kate not only shares what is at the heart of each of her books, but she also shares her thoughts on raising confident children. Kate and I talk all about the importance of allowing our kids to thrive in what they are passionate about, as well as the importance in all of us finding our true strength in being unapologetically ourselves. 

Please be sure to head to check out Kate’s beautiful work by heading to her website, You can also find Kate on Instagram under @katetparker or @strongisthenewpretty. You can find Kate on Facebook under Kate T. Parker Photography as well.