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Girls 4 Greatness

Mar 30, 2022

I invite you to listen in to this wonderful conversation I had with Lisa Carmichael, an entrepreneur and marketing professional who has worked hard to understand a lot about the power of mindset. Lisa is a published author and the owner of EPIK Mastermid, an organization geared towards mompreneurs who are ready to move their business forward to new levels. 

In this episode Lisa and I discuss the importance of embracing a “can do”mindset instead of a “can’t do” mindset. We discuss the importance of truly honing in on what is going on between our own two ears and how much that can affect our ability to live a fulfilled life. 

Lisa and I also talk about who our biggest competition really is and how powerful it can be when we start to let go of competing with others. Lisa is someone who has done the hard work of self-discovery, and she is now able to impact the world with her unique gifts in her unique way. 

Please be sure to head to to find out more info on Lisa, read her blog, and to learn more about her EPIK mastermind. You can also find her FREE download, “7 Powerful Secrets to Monetize and Scale Your Sales and Profits,” on her website as well. Be sure to also find and follow Lisa on Instagram under @lisacarmichael.