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Girls 4 Greatness

Oct 7, 2020

This is definitely one you do not want to miss, my friends.  I am thrilled to be bringing you this interview I did with the truly inspiring, Vasavi Kumar. 

Vasavi is a leader in the coaching industry with over 10 years of experience helping women overcome major life obstacles to create new heights of success. Her work is internationally known from speaking engagements in India and across the United States. Vasavi is also the host of the Being Human With Vasavi podcast as well. 

Vasavi is all about mindset and empowering others to cultivate a solid relationship with themselves. She is also no stranger to struggle herself. In our interview Vasavi shares her inspiring life story as well as how she has allowed her past to fuel her passion for seeing others thrive and live the life they truly want to be living. 

Vasavi and I discuss the importance of knowing who you really are and recognizing how different that often is from who the world tells us we are. We also chat about the many ways we abandon ourselves and how important it is to instead respect and honor the amazing human beings we are. 

Please be sure to find and connect with Vasavi over on Instagram under @mynameisvasavi and be sure to check out her Facebook page, Vasavi Kumar Unfiltered. You can also find Vasavi on YouTube under Vasavi Kumar.  Her podcast, Being Human With Vasavi, can be found on iTunes and Spotify. To learn more about Vasavi’s coaching services be sure to head to