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Girls 4 Greatness

Jan 1, 2020

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness Podcast I have the pleasure of chatting with the one and only Shannon Miles. Shannon is a wife, mom, author, and co-owner of the highly successful premium staffing company, BELAY. 

I invite you to listen in as Shannon and I dive into the reasoning behind why Shannon and her husband, Bryan, started BELAY, as well as what it has taken for Shannon herself to discover what “having it all” meant for her. 

Shannon and Bryan started BELAY 10 years ago after cashing in all of their 401(k)s for start-up capital. Over the years their company has exploded to over one thousand team members, all working from home, pursuing their own idea of “having it all” while serving BELAY’s 1,400 clients. 

Shannon is also the author of a book called The Third Option: Why a Woman Doesn’t Have to Choose Between a Career and Family, but Can Actually Have Both and Succeed. In her book,  Shannon shares how she took a leap of faith to create a flexible career that gives meaning to both her work and her family. 


If you are someone who has ever struggled to deal with the feelings of conflict that sometimes arise from trying to juggle family and career life, then this episode is for you. Shannon shares some beautiful insights as to just how important it is to tune in to those feelings of conflict.  She shares how so often what we risk in order to live the life we really and truly want to live far outweighs the pain of regret of not having lived that life. 

Please be sure to connect with and follow Shannon and BELAY on Instagram under @belay_solutions and on LinkedIn under @BELAY. You can follow BELAY on Facebook as well under @BELAYSolutions. You can also learn more about BELAY by going to If you are wanting to check out Shannon’s book then go to