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Girls 4 Greatness

May 12, 2021

Today I am chatting with the host of the Mothers Of Misfits podcast, Emily Melious. A few weeks ago I had the honor of sharing the interview I did with Emily on her podcast, and this week I have the honor of having Emily grace the airwaves of my show. 

Emily is joining me this week to discuss why she came to create the Mothers of Misfits podcast. We also discuss what have been her own challenges as a mother, as well as some of the beautiful wisdom she has gleaned from the weekly conversations she has had on her podcast. 

Emily is a big believer in the capability of every child, but she also realizes that many times the world doesn’t see it that way. Emily has made it her mission to be a voice for those children and their families. 

Whether you are a parent or not, I know you will find Emily’s words about how to turn the world of “one size fits all” on its head, inspiring. 

Please be sure to head to and to find out more info on Emily and the Mothers of Misfits podcast. Emily can also be found on LinkedIn under @emilymelious or @mothers-of-misfits. You can also find Emily on Facebook at