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Girls 4 Greatness

May 22, 2019

If you are a mother of any kind then this is one that you want to definitely tune in to. I invite you all to listen as I sit down and chat with a mother who is on a mission to empower stepmoms and women in general to own their voice and their greatness!

Tuniscia Okeke is the CEO and founder of Blending Our Love, Inc, a motivational speaker and a published author of Empowered Stepmother Grow, Glow and Thrive Harmoniously In Your Blended Family.  Tuniscia also has a family vlog entitled, “Tea With Tuniscia O”, a show that candidly looks inside the connection shared between Tuniscia and her stepson Ike.

Tuniscia knows first hand what it is like to grow up in a blended family and she knows firsthand what it is like to parent in one. She shares her own struggles with both and also what inspired her to want to motivate and inspire other women who find themselves in similar circumstances.

I have no doubt that this is going to leave you feeling empowered to own your greatness and to continue to do whatever it takes to stand in your power by embracing who you truly are.  

 Please be sure to check out Tuniscia’s website and all the info on her book at You can also find Tuniscia on Facebook at, and on Instagram under Be sure to also check out Tuniscia’s vlog on youtube at