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Girls 4 Greatness

May 11, 2022

This week I am sharing a beautiful conversation I had with Jen Szpigiel, the founder and CEO of Becoming Iconic. Jen is using her expertise as a Leadership Expert and Mentor to help online entrepreneurs grow profitable and aligned businesses that are rooted in integrity and purpose. 

Jen is also the host of the Becoming Iconic podcast, where she blends strategy with alignment as she shares challenges, successes, and in the moment revelations with the intention that it inspires women everywhere to take inspired action and create a life on their own terms. 

In our conversation Jen and I dive into how and why she began doing the work she is doing to empower other women. We also talk about the myth of life balance and how we can instead strive to live a life filled with harmony.  I invite you to listen in to Jen’s wonderful wisdom around what it means to live a truly iconic life.

Also, please be sure to head to for more information on Jen and all the amazing things she is up to. You can also check out Jen’s amazing podcast, Becoming Iconic, by heading to Be sure to find and follow Jen on Instagram and Facebook under @becomingiconic as well.