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Girls 4 Greatness

Jan 27, 2021

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I am talking with someone who knows first hand how hard it can be to hone in on what is authentic and true. My guest, Hana Dhanji, shares her own personal story of what it has taken for her to start to live an aligned life. 

Hana is the CEO and founder of Hana Dhanji Executive Coaching. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Psychology, a Law Degree, and an MBA. Hana is also a board-certified NLP Specialist, Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach. 

Prior to starting up her company, Hana worked as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, and she brings her corporate experience to bear on helping high performing professionals and entrepreneurs achieve performance breakthroughs in their careers and lives.

During our conversation Hana not only shares the power of living in alignment, but she shares some fantastic wisdom on how to recognize when we are not in alignment in the first place and how we can then choose to pivot in order to create more harmony. 

If you have ever heard that still, small voice telling you, “You were made for more,” then this is one episode you do not want to miss. I have no doubt that Hana’s words will inspire you to start to bring your whole self to whatever it is you do and to start to live a life that you can get behind. 

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