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Girls 4 Greatness

Jan 13, 2021

I invite you to listen in this week as my guest and I talk all about how we can handle the stress in our lives in a more positive way. This week’s guest is an expert when it comes to empowering others to live more stress-free and she is even known as the “stress-free leader”.

I am chatting today with Rhonda Williams, someone with over 2 decades of leadership experience. Rhonda is a master coach, international speaker, and author.  Rhonda is a transparent and authentic leader herself, and she is passionate about helping others to embrace the same type of leadership. Rhonda encourages others to embrace an action-oriented path to well-being, happiness, productivity, and success. 

Rhonda has authored 4 books, Are You Out of Your________ Mind? A Modern Guide to Successfully Surviving Infidelity, The Dream Life Roadmap: 10 Essential Factors for Creating Your Dream Life, The UCR Advantage and How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Fast!, and The Stress-Free Leader: 5 Types of Stressed-Out Leaders and How to Be Stress-Free.  Rhonda also hosts her own podcast entitled, The Coffee With Rhonda Show. 

I have no doubt that you will be inspired by our conversation today about not only leadership, but how you can start to get clear on living the life you truly want to be living. 

Be sure to find and connect with Rhonda on Facebook and LinkedIn by heading to and

Be sure to also find out more about Rhonda by heading to her website,, where you can download her free ebook as well.  Also, be sure to listen in to Rhonda’s podcast, The Coffee with Rhonda Show.