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Girls 4 Greatness

Feb 10, 2021

Does work have to be hard to be of value? I invite you to listen to the podcast this week as my guest, Lauren Ammon, and I tackle the answer to this question. We also examine how we can avoid wrapping our credibility and self-worth around perfection and ridiculously high standards. 

Lauren is a professional coach who is super passionate about empowering high performing dreamers to step fully into the vision they have always had of themselves vs. burying themselves in other people’s expectations of who they should be. 

In our candid, heartfelt conversation, Lauren not only shares more about how she helps her clients live a more fulfilled life, but how she had to first come to terms with the unfulfillment and unhappiness she felt in her own life. This episode will leave you feeling inspired to accept and own the gifts and greatness you alone have been blessed with. 

Please be sure to check out Lauren’s website by heading to You can also find and connect with Lauren on Instagram under @mrslaurenammon and on Facebook under @unlimitedleader,llc. You can find Lauren on LinkedIn as well at