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Girls 4 Greatness

May 27, 2020

Female rivalry is something I think all of us as women have had to deal with in some way shape or form.  I think we all have likely had a moment or two where our intuition was telling us that something may be off with someone. I also think that we have all had to deal with our own inner “she bully” as this week’s guest puts it. We have let the “she bully” win us over to comparison rather than focusing on what we know to be true. 


I invite you to listen in to this week’s episode with the amazing Amber Tichenor, someone who actually specializes in the area of female rivalry. Amber is a female rivalry coach for other high performing business women, empowering them to embrace change and competition. Amber’s To Be Coaching and Consulting company allows her to work with her clients to remove their obstacles and create full, successful lives. Amber is super passionate about promoting collaboration over competition. 


In this episode of the Girls 4 Greatness podcast Amber shares her own experience with rivalry in the workplace and how she used that experience to inspire the work she is now doing. We dive into the power of owning your own voice and the importance of truly owning who you are. I have no doubt that you will be inspired to continue to work to  remove the obstacles in your own life in order to live a more fulfilled life. 


Please be sure to check out all that Amber is up to by heading to You can also connect with Amber over on Instagram under @ToBeCoaching or on Facebook under To Be, Coaching + Consulting. Amber can also be found on LinkedIn under Amber Tichenor.

 If you would also like to learn more about female rivalry you can download Amber’s 3-Ah-Ha’s About Rivalry, htttps:/ Amber created these 3 insights to recognize how rivalry is affecting you, even if you don’t realize it's happening.