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Girls 4 Greatness

May 5, 2021

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast we are talking all about the amazing things that can happen when we choose to be in community and empower one another. Today I am having a conversation with someone who is all about community, so much so that she created her own community to empower women who were also wanting connection and the tools to move themselves forward in business and in life. 

Janene King is the founder of Empower Her Co., a membership based community that provides support and resources to female entrepreneurs. Janene is truly passionate about helping women find the support they need to build something great from the ground up.  And Janene knows what it is like to do just that as she is also the co-owner of King Bros Inc., a specialized transportation company that she owns with her husband.  

In our interview Janene explains how she had the idea to start Empower Her Co. as a result of starting a business with her husband. Janene also shares what founding this community has done for her, as well as for the many other women who are a part of Empower Her. 

It is my hope that this interview will inspire you to want to build your own connections with other women who are on a similar path. It is my hope that this interview also serves as a push to get you out of your comfort zone if you find yourself hanging out there these days. After all, we are all capable of so much more! 

Please be sure to head to for more information on Empower Her Co., as well as information on how you can become involved in the Empower Her community. You can also find and connect with Janene on Instagram and Facebook under