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Girls 4 Greatness

Sep 9, 2020

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I am kicking off the start of season 3 with an interview with a true go-getter. Desiree Martinez is a long time award winning social media creative content creator who has worked with hundreds of businesses and brands to help them grow their businesses with better content marketing. Desiree is the host of her own podcast called The Women Of YouTube and she is also the author of Innovation From Desperation, The unfiltered failures and successes of an OG social media marketer. 

Desiree and I chat about all the amazing things she is up to but we also dive into what led Desiree down this career path in the first place, as well as what inspired her to start a company called All-In-One Social Media. Desiree is not only a huge success in her own field but she is super passionate about empowering others, particularly the spouses of those in the military, to also be successful. 

Desiree and I also discuss the importance of living life on your own terms and the power behind knowing what is important to YOU and then living your life in a way that honors those priorities.  I have no doubt that this interview will leave you feeling inspired to do just that. 

Please be sure to find out more about Desiree and how you can even work with her by heading to You can also find and follow Desiree over on Instagram under @mrsdesireerose as well as her page on Facebook under @All-In-One Social Media. Desiree can also be found on LinkedIn under Desiree Martinez and you can find her YouTube channel by heading to You can check out her podcast as well by going to