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Girls 4 Greatness

Mar 15, 2023

In this episode of the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I have the privilege of chatting with Alison Hall, founder of Change Agent Coaching For Women. Alison and I are discussing not only her journey to be the influencer she is today but also the importance of understanding just how powerful true self-assessment is. 

After 25 years of building a traditionally successful corporate career, Alison reinvented herself to become her own happy boss, launching several successful businesses.   For more than 10 years now Alison has also been using her financial expertise and in-depth understanding of human behavior to help women make smart, informed  financial decisions around divorce and other life changing events, including starting their own businesses. 

Alison’s mantra is, “Knowledge is power,” and with that in mind she educates women about personal finance and business creation and development so that they’re empowered to navigate life and career transitions confidently, lean into their strengths, find their purpose, dump the ‘shoulds’ and self-doubt, and reinvent themselves to create the lives they want and deserve. Alison empowers her clients to seize opportunities and think beyond the expected to get what they really want. Alison taps into her own experience as a burned-out corporate grinder turned successful business owner to inspire women to embrace life-affirming change. 

I have no doubt that Alison’s wisdom will inspire us all to look at how powerful self-assessment can be in finding true meaning and purpose in our own lives.

Please be sure to head to and for more information on what Alison has to offer with her coaching services. You can also find and connect with Alison on LinkedIn at