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Girls 4 Greatness

Apr 13, 2022

I am honored to be welcoming Shannon Jamail back to the Girls 4 Greatness podcast this week. Shannon was my guest in the first season of the podcast, episode #15 entitled “The Power Of Surrender.” We are now sitting down to chat all about the amazing endeavors Shannon has since taken on while still maintaining her sanity as a devoted mother and wife. 

Shannon is a best selling author of the amazing book Surrender, A Journey Toward A Fulfilled Life.  She also is the founder and creator of the Mind & Body Complete Family of Companies that includes her retreat center, Retreat Ranch outside of Austin, and her international product line of candles and body products. 

In our conversation Shannon and I dive into how she has managed to shift gears in her career in order to impact women in a new and profound way.  We also discuss what it has taken for her to get to this new space in her life, as well as how we can all apply some of the lessons she has learned along the way.

Please be sure to head to to find out more about Shannon and all the wonderful things she is up to.