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Girls 4 Greatness

May 13, 2020

I am coming at you today with an interview that centers on the power of media, particularly the power in how our youth use media. So, if you have any interaction with our youth then you definitely want to hear what my amazing guest, Kim Karr, has to say. 


Kim is the founder of the non-profit program called #ICANHELP, where she shows students and adults how to use technology and social media for good. #ICANHELP is an effective outcome based program that has received recognition from Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, as well as recognition from major tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. 


#ICANHELP is known for minimizing campus issues related to social media. Kim has presented this program to over 400,000 students, and she has been instrumental in taking down 1,000 negative social media sites. 


I am thrilled to be highlighting a much needed cause, and I am thrilled to be highlighting Kim’s passion to put more good out into the world in her own unique and powerful way. 

Please be sure to find and follow Kim and the #ICANHELP movement on Facebook and Instagram under @icanhelpofficial and under @kimkarr_icanhelp. You can also connect on Twitter under @Icanhelp. You can head to, as well, to find out all the info on the #ICANHELP organization.