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Girls 4 Greatness

Jan 19, 2022

This week’s episode of the Girls 4 Greatness podcast features another heartfelt, inspiring Real Life. Real Talk. conversation with a former guest, Lauren Ammon. 

Lauren first appeared in episode #119, an episode entitled, Examining The Value Of Your Work.  Now Lauren is back to share her insights on how important it is to be self-aware in order to reach our full potential. 

Lauren specializes in working with current and former athletes of all ages and levels to master the mental part of the game. Her practice exists to show athletes that they deserve an outlet to be heard, seen, and supported mentally and emotionally at the same level they are physically. 

Whether you are an athlete, a former athlete, or neither, you will be empowered by Lauren’s wisdom about how we ALL can become our personal best and live a life we truly want to be living. 

Be sure to head to to check out all the amazing things Lauren has to offer with her coaching business. You can also find Lauren on LinkedIn under @laurenammon, on Facebook under @PREveryDay, and on Instagram under @mrslaurenammon.