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Girls 4 Greatness

Oct 19, 2022

I am so excited to be welcoming another beautiful warrior back to the Girls 4 Greatness podcast this week. Christine Burns is joining me once again to encourage and inspire all of us to live a more authentic, passion filled life. In this episode Christine and I unpack what it actually means to be resilient, and Christine shares her own heartfelt journey of struggle to embrace a resilient mindset. 

Christine is the co-owner of WALT Institute (Women Authentic Leadership Training Institute), an organization that specializes in empowering people in STEMM throughout the world.  Christine is a former elite athlete, author, and Performance coach who has worked with individuals and teams for over 20 years with more that 4,000 people in ten different countries. Christine’s specialty is challenging the status quo and beliefs that are holding people back. She is a firm believer in the fact that people can achieve success in their life AND career by being authentic, having fun, and unleashing the best version of themselves no matter what! 

Christine and I also discuss her newly released book, Igniting Resilience, which is a beautiful example of what it means to embrace resilience and an awareness of how you are showing up in the world. Christine shares how we can always bring our best self to whatever situation we find ourselves in, as well as how we can better appreciate each day we are given. 

Please be sure to head to to learn more about Christine, as well as her wonderful new book, Igniting Resilience.  

You can also find and follow Christine and WALT institute by heading to any of the links below: