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Girls 4 Greatness

Nov 25, 2020

This week I am coming at you with the first Real Life. Real Talk Episode of season 3. I have invited my dear friend and self-care expert, Penelope Magoulianiti, back to the show to talk all about the importance of caring for ourselves, even in the midst of a pandemic! 

Penelope was a guest on episode #24 entitled How To Practice Filling Your Own Cup. She is the creator of the Goddess Diary and the founder of the Goddess Awakening Experience. Penelope is a mompreneur, author, trainer, and speaker who inspires women around the world to devote time to self-care. Penelope is super passionate about empowering women to live a more authentic, vibrant life! 

I invite you all to listen in as Penelope and I talk about how we can best practice self-care and gratitude, even in light of all the uncertainty that surrounds us. 

Be sure to find and connect with Penelope over on Instagram under @penelope.magoulianiti. You can also find Penelope on Facebook at and on YouTube at

Please be sure to also check out Penelope’s amazing Goddess Diary by heading to