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Girls 4 Greatness

Jun 9, 2021

Today I have the honor of speaking with not one, but two extraordinary human beings who are out there impacting the world in their own unique, beautiful way. 

Dr. Elizabeth Pritchard is an occupational therapist, past president of Occupational Therapy Association New Zealand, a researcher at Monash University who earned her PHD in 3 years, and a leadership coach. Ms. Christine Burns represented New Zealand in indoor hockey for 13 years, including 4 as a captain. She also graduated with expertise in psychology, sports psychology, exercise science, and business management. Christine has forged a career as a lecturer, manager and performance coach. 

As if that were not impressive enough, these two decided to lock arms and create WALT Institute, an organization that specializes in coaching and training people in STEMM through the world. They specialize in working with those who struggle with a lack of confidence, compromised productivity, or not believing they have what it takes to succeed.

I invite you to listen in as Elizabeth and Christine share what they both have had to personally overcome in their own lives, as well as their wisdom on what it takes to not just bounce back in life but to also bounce forward. 

Please be sure to find and connect with Elizabeth and Christine on Instagram and Facebook under @waltinstitute. You can also find them on LinkedIN under Elizabeth and Christine WALT Institute and on YouTube under @WALT Institute. You  head to their website,, for more information as well.