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Girls 4 Greatness

Mar 1, 2023

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I am welcoming Anna Lundberg back to the podcast. Anna made her first appearance in my first season, episode #37, an episode entitled “Reimagining Success.” Today Anna and I are discussing how she has in fact reimagined success in her own life since her last appearance, as well as the importance of focusing on establishing a solid work/life integration in our lives. 

Anna is the founder of One Step Outside, where she helps experienced professionals around the world design a career, business, and lifestyle that brings them more freedom, flexibility and fulfillment outside of the conventional 9 to 5. Anna has years of experience in corporate marketing with beauty and luxury brand management. She eventually left her career at Procter and Gamble in 2013 to start her own company that provided digital marketing consulting to well known brands like Burberry to exciting new startups and solopreneurs. 

Anna now combines her expertise in corporate marketing with her training in coaching and positive psychology techniques to help people reimagine the next phase of their career with a blend of life coaching and business mentoring. Anna is also the host of her own podcast, Reimaging Success,  and she is the author of two books, Leaving the Corporate 9 to 5 and her latest book, Outside the 9 to 5.  

I invite you to listen in as Anna challenges us all to look at how we can better understand our own work/life integration, as well as how we can quiet the distractions in our lives and truly hone in on what is important to us. 

Please be sure to check out Anna’s website,, and be sure to listen in to her podcast by heading to

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You can follow Anna on Instagram under @annaselundberg and on LinkedIn and You Tube under Anna S.E. Lundberg as well.