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Girls 4 Greatness

Nov 3, 2021

I invite you to listen in to this powerful episode all about focusing on crafting your life’s choices and priorities around what YOU want your life to look like. 

Today I have the honor of talking with Karen Stanley, an entrepreneur, professional mezzo soprano, coach, mom, and wife. Karen is an amazon #1 new release author, and she is a frequent self-improvement podcast guest who is not afraid to share her own struggles with self-worth, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and single parenting.  

Karen is passionate about sharing her life story with the hopes that others will be empowered to become the person they have always wanted to BE. I have no doubt that you will be inspired by Karen and her message that no matter what someone has been through in the past, they can still create the life they want when they focus on belief in themselves and self-love. 

Please be sure to find out more about Karen by heading to her website and blog, You can also find Karen’s book, Becoming Mrs. Stanley:The Single Mom’s Guide To Creating The Life You Want, by heading to

You can find and connect with Karen on Instagram under @officialmrskarenstanley, as well.