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Girls 4 Greatness

May 6, 2020

I am coming at you this week with another inspiring interview all about the power in owning what makes you uniquely you. 


I invite you to listen in as I chat with Karen Stiller, a writer with over 20 years of experience in her field. Karen and I are talking today all about her very soon to be released book, The Minister's Wife. This book is a memoir of faith, doubt, friendship, loneliness, forgiveness, and more. 


Karen and I dive into her personal story of how she became an author, what it is like to be a minister’s wife, why she wrote this book,  and who she wrote this book for.  Karen shares how this book is not just about faith but about being truly human and transparent. 


I have no doubt that you will be inspired by this interview to live a more authentic life and to continue to strive to live a life that honors the person you really and truly are. 


Please be sure to head Karen’s website, to find out how you can purchase her new book, The Minister’s Wife, as well as how you can check out her fantastic blog. You can also reach out to Karen on her website as well.