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Girls 4 Greatness

Jun 17, 2020

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I have the honor for chatting with another inspiring soul, Maggie Walem Rowe. Maggie and I are diving into the journey behind her newly released book, This Life We Share.  


Maggie has spent several years in the ministry field, speaking at hundreds of outreach events, retreats, and conferences throughout the United States. As a dramatist, Maggie also performs original historical reenactments of the lives of great women of the Christian faith. She has also contributed to over 10 books and has now written the first book of her own that is a compilation of 52 reflections or devotions. 


During our interview Maggie and I talk about the importance of focusing on who you are instead of defining yourself by what you lack. We discuss the importance of focusing on YOUR own unique strengths, worth and value, as well the importance of embracing your own life journey. 


Maggie’s huge heart for others and passion for empowering others with her message of hope shines through in this interview. Her words of wisdom will leave you feeling inspired to continue to make the most of the beautiful life journey you are on. 


Please be sure to connect with Maggie by heading to her website, You can also find all the info on how to purchase Maggie’s book, The Life We Share, on her website as well. You can find Maggie on Facebook and Instagram under @maggiewallemrowe as well.