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Girls 4 Greatness

Jun 2, 2021

This week on the Girls 4 Greatness podcast I am talking with someone who knows a thing or two about breaking out of their comfort zone. 

Jane Wilson is an entrepreneur and speaker who is passionate about empowering women to be bold, take chances, and break their own rules. Jane believes that by setting an intention to change and deciding to take responsibility for your own life, your world will open up in ways that you can’t even imagine. 

Jane shares her inspiring journey of how she came to own, create and sell a thriving business, as well as how she has used her own struggles and experiences to empower other women to step outside their comfort zones. Jane also shares her thoughts on how we can all embrace our femininity and sensuality in ways that best suit us. 

This episode is full of takeaways that will encourage you to continue to fully embrace your own life journey. 

Please be sure to find and connect with Jane on Instagram under @TheJaneWilson. You can also learn more about Jane and all the amazing things she is up to by heading to