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Girls 4 Greatness

Mar 29, 2023

My friends I am so thrilled to be welcoming back to the Girls 4 Greatness podcast two time former guest, Rachel Weinstock. Rachel first appeared in episode #27, Embracing The Power Of Play.  She also was a guest in episode #120, Empowering The Mental Health Of Our Children, a Real Life. Real Talk. Episode. 

Today I have the honor of having a conversation with Rachel all about her newly released book, Be Who You Needed. Rachel’s book is designed to be a guide for caring adults who want to help young people transform their emotional well-being, their self-confidence and their happiness.  Rachel and I not only discuss what led her to write her book, but we also discuss who she wrote this  book for as well as what she has learned about herself through the process of writing it.

Rachel is a Teacher, Transformational Coach, and Speaker for youth who are struggling with being bullied, their self-esteem, and their anxiety.  Rachel holds a degree in Visual Arts and Education, and she was awarded the James W. Fair Leadership Award from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Rachel’s passion and mission to create a world where every child feels happy, confident, and safe shines through in our conversation. Rachel’s approach to working with young people is deeply impactful because of her lived experience of being bullied as a child and a teenager. 

Whether you are in direct contact with youth or not, I believe so much of what Rachel shares can be applied to our lives as a whole. Rachel sets the stage for all of us to consider how we can show up differently in the world, embracing more kindness and compassion towards anyone and everyone we encounter.

Please be sure to head to to check out Rachel’s book, Be Who You Needed. You can also find Rachel’s book on Amazon as well. You can find and follow Rachel on Instagram under @rachelweinstock_ and on Facebook under @RachelWeinstock. Also be sure to join Rachel’s private Facebook group for parents by heading to